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【update event info】Announcement Session by the Professional
【update event info】Announcement Session by the Professional
CSO (Career Services Office) has a seminar on Japanese business communication with a lecturer from fomer announcer, Shoko Tokoyo who appears on TBS programs. At this seminar, you will learn the proper Japanese pronunciation, the way of communication. You will be confident at presentation which will work on your job interview and after recruitment.

Schedule:March 9th,13:30~16:00(Fri)
Place: International Building2nd floor room207
Dress code: free
Language: Japanese(You can ask your questions in English.)
Scope:International students of Nagoya University
(Japanese students are welcome, too)

Application: Apply from online form or QR code on the leaflet
online form URL⇒https://www.ics-com.biz/well_form/sao/entries/add/93

Check the attached file for further information.
update 2018/03/05
【event info】JOB FAIR for International Students @ Nagoya University
This is a chance for international students to interact with companies which actively recruit international employees.
If you are interested in working in Japan, and for those who will start job hunting (Shukatsu) from now, don't miss this chance!

Schedule:9th February (Fri) 2018
1st session 10:00~13:00 reception: 9:30~
(#1/10:10-10:35, #2/10:40-11:05, #3/11:10-11:35, #4:11:40-12:05, #5:12:10-12:35)
2nd session 14:00~17:00 reception: 13:30~
(#1/14:10-14:35, #2/14:40-15:05, #3/15:10-15:35, #1415:40-16:05, #5/16:10-16:35)

Place: Nagoya University Toyoda Auditorium Symposion
Dress code: free
Language: mainly Japanese (some companies ' sessions are available in English)
Scope:all international students(Japanese students are also welcome)

Application: Apply from online form or QR code on the leaflet
online form URL⇒https://www.ics-com.biz/well_form/sao/entries/add/92

Check the attached file for further information.
update 2018/01/22
【event information】Central Japan International Airport Study Tour
Chubu International Airport Co., Ltd. is the first airport built by the private sector.
It is now a well-known airport in the Chubu region.
A bus tour to Centrair Airport was organized as part of the “Career Development Program for international students”.
You can visit places such as runway which you cannot enter normally, and there will also be mixer with international employees.
Participate to use this opportunity as your future career formation and job hunting!

Schedule:14th Feb (Wed) 12:00~18:00 ※please finish your lunch before the event
Meet-up area:We’ll take a bus from Nagoya University
Meet-up time: 11:30@Toyoda Auditorium parking space
Capacity:20 students
Fee:300yen(this is an insurance fee)
Application:①Apply from online form
       ②Please pay 300yen to CSO on 6th Feb during 13~16PM
  (If this schedule is difficult for you, contact us by email or TEL)

Please check the leaflet for further information.
update 2018/01/10
【event info】International Students ×Local Companies Discussion and Mixer
We'll have on-campus event "CHUBU ASSOCIATION OF CORPORATE EXECUTIVES × Int'l students DISCUSSION and MIXER"
The members of CHUBU ASSOCIATION OF CORPORATE EXECUTIVES include managers and int'l employees and more.
This will be a priceless opportunity for you to talk with professional members in each industries!
"What is the meaning of working in Japan or working in Japanese company?"
You can freely ask about your question and inquiries.
We'll prepare some light meals on that day.

【Date】25th Jan 2018 (Thu) 16:30-19:10
【Place】Nagoya University NIC building room Idea Stoa
【For】NU international students, G30 students
【NO of participants】50
【Program】Sec1 16:30-18:40 (panel discussion, Q&A)
      Sec2 18:40-18:10 (light meal party)
・This is a special MIXER with managers attendance.
If you want to cancel after application, please let CSO know BY NECESSITY.

Please register from the following URL.

Check the leaflet for information!
update 2017/12/08